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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
The Miner   Adams, Kenneth M.   Lithograph  circa 1939 
Construcción   Anguiano, Raúl   Lithograph  1947 
Trabajadores [Workers]   Báez Castellar, Pedro   Etching and aquatint  1939 
Leñadora   Beloff, Angeline   Woodcut on thin laid paper  not dated 
Corrido de la caravana minera [Song of the Miners' Parade]   Beltrán, Alberto   Linoleum cut  not dated 
Title page from The Drawing-Book of Abraham Bloemaert, after Abraham Bloemaert   Bloemaert, Frederick   Etching and chiaroscuro woodcut from two blocks printed in ochre and brown  circa 1650 
Le Savetier [The Cobbler], from Les Métiers   Bosse, Abraham   Engraving  1634-1635 
Haciendo tesguino (bebida de maíz fermentado) [Making Tesguino (a drink made of fermented corn)], from El rito de la tribu Huichol   Bracho, Angel   Lithograph  1939 
Restauration du Dome de S. Maria del Fiore à Florence [The Restoration of the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence], from La Vie de Ferdinand I de Médicis [The Life of Ferdinand I de Medici]   Callot, Jacques   Etching  1619-1620 
Frontispiece to Varie Figure [Various Figures]   Callot, Jacques   Etching  circa 1618 
Trabajadores de la hacienda [Hacienda Workers]   Pacheco, Fernando Castro   Lithograph  1942 
Máquina de coser [Sewing Machine]   Pacheco, Fernando Castro   Linoleum cut  1945 
Otomi   Pacheco, Fernando Castro   Lithograph  1946 
Tubero de Colima [Water Carrier, Colima]   Cortés Juárez, Erasto   Linoleum cut on thin paper  not dated 
Lever de lune [Moonrise]   Daubigny, Charles-François   Etching  1861 
Le Bateau-atelier, from Voyage en bateau [The Voyage by Boat]   Daubigny, Charles-François   Etching  1861 
Un Forgeron [A Blacksmith]   Delacroix, Eugène   Aquatint  1833 
Inside the Docks, from Jerrold Blanchard's London, a Pilgrimage; Chapter III: The Docks   Doré, After Gustave   Wood engraving (by Charles Maurand)  1872 
An Iron Forge, after Joseph Wright of Derby   Earlom, Richard   Mezzotint  1773 
Cargador [Porter]   Escobedo, Jesús   Lithograph  not dated 
Vendedor de leña [Wood Seller]   Escobedo, Jesús   Lithograph  not dated 
Vendedor de canastas [Basket Seller]   Escobedo, Jesús   Lithograph  not dated 
Fishermen   Fearing, Kelly   Etching and softground etching  1947 
Retrato de un obrero tallista, Lázaro López [Portrait of woodcarver, Lázaro López]   Fernández Ledesma, Gabriel and Guillermo Ruiz   Woodcut from red cedar block  1926 
Bee Keeping, plate 37 from The Hunting Parties, after Jan van der Straet, called Stradanus   Galle, Philip   Engraving  1578 

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